Esg Secure Ballistic Glass / Security Glass

In recent years, the requirement for security in the built environment has increased to unprecedented levels. Due to the rise in domestic terrorism and serious crime, the built environment is under more threat than ever. At ESG, we’re gratified to know that we are helping to protect people and property, by providing the most advanced security glass on the market.

We strive to be the UK’s leading manufacturer of security glass products. We’re extremely proud of being the first company to achieve approval for this product, in accordance with the LPCB Loss Prevention standard LPS1270:Issue1, when we launched ESG Secure Laminated Safety and Security Glass Glazing. Ours is still one of the leading security glass products in the UK.

We’ve achieved this thoroughly deserved reputation for security glass by working closely with the security sector, including insurers, police forces and the UK’s main certification boards. In close consultation with these key stakeholders, we continually develop and maintain our products to provide the best solutions for the needs of the industry.

Our security glass covers the entire spectrum of the required levels of security, from EN356 manual attack resistant glass, through to ISO 16933:2007 blast resistant glass. EN356 manual attack resistant glass has become a part of our everyday experience, being commonly used in applications such as shopfronts and jewellery counters, and to protect many other high ticket price retail items.

By using sophisticated technical interlayers to provide highly robust and secure glazing products, we are helping architects, designers and specifiers to design crime out of the built environment, which is why, for so many, ESG is the UK’s preferred security glass supplier. When it comes to protecting people, places or products, there is one clear choice – ESG.

how secure is security glass?

ESG’s range of security glass products provides solutions for three key security scenarios:

esg secure™ – en356 manual attack resistant

In order to provide protection as set out in the EN356 manual attack resistant standard, ESG Secure™ EN356 has been developed to withstand the type of high impact strikes that may occur as someone tries to smash through the glass, generally through vandalism or opportunist crime. EN356 uses two different types of test criteria, depending on the level of protection to which the glass is being tested. The security levels of this product range from P1A up to P8B.

In the lower levels within this range, the glass is tested using a hard impact test. This involves dropping 3 metal balls onto the glass in a group formation, varying the height of the drop from 1.5m to 9m.

For the higher levels of security glass, the test simulates a much more violent and intentional attack on the glass. This replicates the effect of an intruder who has come armed for a premeditated attack. This series of tests involves, firstly, hitting the glass with a hammer a minimum of 12 times to try and break the glass. The tester then hits the glass continually, in an area 400mm x 400mm, this time with an axe. The higher the number of times the glass is hit before the axe breaks through the glass determines the rating of the glass.

Glass rated as P6B can survive up to 50 strikes, while glass with a rating of P8B is capable of withstanding over 70.

ESG glass is a genuine deterrent to crime, as the sheer effort and determination needed to break through ESG Secure™ EN356 is extremely likely to exceed the patience of most hardened and determined criminals. The noise that this repeated striking would generate would also add considerable risk to the criminal act. In practice, the amount of time that it would take to breach a security glass panel would allow security teams to arrive, intervene and detain the prospective criminal. Alternatively, the time, noise and effort involved might easily be enough to discourage the would-be trespasser sufficiently to make them give up on their attempt and flee the scene.

esg secure™ – lps1270 intruder resistant glass

The next type of glass is ESG Secure™ LPS1270 Intruder Resistant glass. This security glass offers resistance against aggressive and sustained attempts to enter a property by force.

It is important to note that, by testing to the latest standard, ESG can provide a glass range which, when used in any LPS 1175 compliant product, even if the door or frame manufacturer has tested their product with a different glass supplier, our glass can be used without the need to test the whole system again.

The LPS1270 test was created over a decade ago by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and is endorsed by both the police and insurers. Both parties were consulted during the development process, and ESG was one of the early pioneers of this product. The rating of LPS1270 approved glass is indicated by three numbers. These are indicated as, for example, 1/4/3. Each of these numbers represents the individual product’s minimum resistance to the creation of different sized holes. The test for the first number involves making a hole in the glass, large enough to put a piece of wire or other such tool through the glass, in order to open a handle or lock. The first number therefore indicates how long it took to create this small hole, and with which tool.

The second number indicates the time taken and tool used to create a slightly larger hole, sufficient to get an arm through the panel to open the lock or turn the handle. Finally, the third number represents how long it took and what tools were required to create a hole big enough to fit a human torso through – allowing the intruder to step inside.

esg ballistic – en 1063 bullet resistant glass

The third product range which falls within our Security glass portfolio is our ESG Ballistic EN 1063 Bullet Resistant glass. This extraordinarily secure and resistant glass is highly sought after, because it genuinely saves lives. Bullet resistant glass is defined by the ballistic standard to which it conforms. We create ESG Ballistic glass by laminating together multiple layers of toughened glass with an interlayer between each additional glass sheet. This combination of interlayers and panes slows the bullet down and stops it from passing through the glass, its energy being absorbed across the entire panel.

Through extensive research and stringent testing, we were able to develop and launch a ballistic glass range which is thinner and lighter than many standard products on offer in the market place, making it easier to handle and install, and creating more opportunities for its use. ESG Ballistic offers a vast array of potential applications, including military installations, government buildings and other secure institutions. It can provide personnel protection for screens in banks, building societies, airports, post offices, betting shops and petrol stations; as well as on the move in armoured, cash transfer and private vehicles.

As with the other types of security glass, there are varying levels of protection offered by bullet resistant glass, ranging from BR1 to BR7, and then SG1 and SG2. Each level of protection is determined under strict test conditions, by firing a weapon into the glass pane within a triangular shape spanning 4 to 5 inches. As the level of protection increases, so does the size and fire power of the gun, and the calibre of bullet used.

BR1 is tested against a rifle shooting a 0.22 bullet, while BR7 is tested with an assault rifle firing 7.62 calibre round. SG1 and SG2 are specially tested against shotguns.
Our ballistic range also offers ‘spall’ and ‘no spall’ options.

When a glass pane is struck by a bullet, the entire panel flexes, and the energy from the bullet can push small splinters of glass in the direction in which the bullet was travelling. ‘Spall’ means that the glass was tested allowing these small pieces of glass to break away from the panel, while ‘no spall’ means the glass stayed completely intact, with no splinters being allowed to break away.

esg secure™ – iso 16933:2007 blast resistant glass

Finally, as a specialist option within our ESG Secure and ESG Bullet Resistant range, we can offer the ultimate in protection against bomb blasts and explosions, in the form of a blast resistant glass, manufactured to ISO 19633:2007 blast resistant standards.

secure and versatile glass

With both the ESG Secure™ EN356 and the ESG Secure™ LPS1270 ranges, we can offer ultimate versatility by incorporating a variety of different attributes which help to address some of the other challenges presented by today’s built environment.

We can combine the properties of either the ESG Secure™ EN356 or the ESG Secure™ LPS1270 range with those of ESG Pyrotech fire resistant glass, to provide both unparalleled security and tried and tested fire resistance, in a single glass product. ESG Pyrotech will offer fire rating to E30 Ew15 in both timber and steel doors and screens.

We can also add additional features such as sound attenuation, as well as decorative effects and bespoke designs; incorporating colour, pattern and corporate branding.

For the highest combination of security and privacy we can also incorporate features from our ESG SwitchableTM range into a bespoke product, allowing the panel to change from an opaque white to optically clear at the touch of a button. Although this is commonly regarded as an aesthetic property, it also offers added security by masking vulnerable areas such as bank counters and jewellery stores, depriving any would-be thief of a view of the intended target.

When you need to combine architectural beauty, clear sight lines and natural light with enhanced security, you will find that the secret lies in our ESG Secure ranges. Please do ask to speak to one of our expert team, who will be pleased to help you to identify the products which will best answer your challenges and serve your needs.