Fire Resistant Glass

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ESG has developed its own market-leading fire resistant toughened glass, known as ESG Pyrotech™. Since its development almost two decades ago, for many architects, specifiers and installers, Pyrotech™ has become the preferred high performing glass of its kind. ESG Pyrotech fire resistant glass can be used in a vast array of applications from doors, screens and partitioning.

With the requirements of Building Regulations and fire prevention legislation increasing the responsibilities of those in charge of buildings, the materials used in construction and refurbishment projects have become more important than ever.

At ESG we recognise the diverse needs for Fire Resistant Safety Glass products. Our expertise and innovative approach, means we can offer a wide range of additional options, such as sound attenuation, security glass and decorative finishes. This makes us the supplier of choice for fire glass requirements for many of the UK’s specifiers.

The purpose of fire resistant glass is to delay the spread of smoke, flames and heat, from the source of a fire to other parts of the building. It is often used in the panels of fire resistant doors, to allow occupants to see clearly into the next section of the building while preserving the fire resistant barrier provided by the fire door.

As this is a vital safeguard for the occupants of a building, whether residents, visitors, staff or members of the public, it is wise to take advice on the specification of fire resistant glass. At ESG, we are always happy to discuss your needs before you place an order.

Fire rated glass is classified according to the degree to which it can delay a fire. This is done through a fire test and is measured in time, and fire resistant glass is, therefore, certified as offering the ability to contain smoke and flames for either 30 minutes, or 60 minutes. ESG Pyrotech™ comes in both resistance classifications: ESG Pyrotech™ E30, and ESG Pyrotech™ E60.

All Pyrotech™ E30, and ESG Pyrotech™ E60 glass is additionally tested in accordance with EH12600:2002, against which it has achieved a class 1 rating.

Our Pyrotech™ range has been independently tested and accredited by the independent UKAS approved test laboratory, Exova of Warrington CERTIFIRE scheme CF628. Pyrotech™ products are therefore approved for use in approved steel and timber fire doors and steel screens to provide glass screens, and other construction elements, which help to delay the spread of fire.

Both Pyrotech™ E30 and ESG Pyrotech™ E60 can be used with a wide range of steel frames from leading manufacturers such as Wrightstyle, Schuco Jansen and Forster, providing smoke and flames containment, as well as partial radiation control. We can provide certified panels of up to 4.9m2, to your exact specification.

Thanks to our advanced glass processing techniques, we can provide ESG Pyrotech™ with a range of additional options, which help to tackle some other challenges in the built environment.

pyrotech™ safe

For additional Health & Safety risk avoidance, you can order both ESG Pyrotech™ E30, and ESG Pyrotech™ E60 as a laminated product. This involves laminating two or more sheets of toughened glass together, using a specialist PVB (PolyVinyl Butyrall) interlayer. The benefit of this is that the interlayer is integral to the glass structure, so that if the fire resistant glass panel is damaged, most of the fragments created will adhere to the interlayer, remaining in place.

This not only greatly reduces the risk of injury from falling glass fragments, but also allows the pane to stay in place, offering a temporary barrier until it can be replaced. Naturally, you should replace the pane as soon as possible, but it is often possible to avoid boarding over with wood or other material in the meantime.

pyrotech™ secure

At ESG, we are exceptional in being able to offer fire-resistance combined with high security, using our unique range of high security interlayers, which provide a high degree of resistance to attack. Using these we have created Pyrotech™ Secure, which enjoys the same advantages as the ESG Secure range.

This includes our EN356 glass which provides resistance to manual attack, deterring would-be vandals and attempts at criminal damage; LPS1270 intruder resistant glass, which deters burglars; and EN1063 bullet resistant glass, which forms a defensive barrier against determined criminals and terrorists. Due to its nature as a multi-layered glass, this secure glass also provides a degree of sound attenuation.

esg pyrotech™ acoustic

If you don’t have an immediate need for crime-deterrent security glass, we can still provide sound attenuation in combination with fire resistance. Many architects now specify a degree of insulation against noise for both new and renovated properties, so we have created Pyrotech™ Acoustic, using a sound attenuating interlayer, to answer this need.

Using a specialist interlayer allows us to provide a high dB performance within a thinner, and therefore lighter, glass pane. This makes ESG Pyrotech™ Acoustic a highly practical and cost-effective product, which is also easier for the client to handle and install. This is achieved without any compromise in Pyrotech’s™ performance as a fire resistant safety glass.

esg pyrotech™ switchable lcd glass

As well as our reputation as a provider of market-leading glass, we are also one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of switchable LCD privacy glass, in the form of ESG Switchable™ glass. This is renowned for its versatility and practicality, allowing indoor spaces to be used more flexibly, and making glass walls multi-functional as screens for both privacy and audio-visual functionality.

The specialist interlayers which we use in our privacy glass range allow a glass pane to be either optically clear or opaque at the touch of a button. With a small electrical current running through the interlayer, the glass pane becomes transparent. As soon as the current is switched off, the pane becomes white and opaque. This provides not only privacy, but also added security, screening commercially sensitive areas from view. This amazingly versatile option can be added to your Pyrotech™ product, without any compromise in its safety or fire resistant performance.

esg pyrotech™

The exact specification of your fire resistant safety glass will depend on the requirements of the property for which you are placing an order. ESG Pyrotech™ must be installed in accordance with our Certifire document CF628.

integrity only

ESG Pyrotech™ is one of the UK’s leading ‘integrity only’ fire resistant glasses. It will contain flames for a specified time and has a radiation rating of EW15 minutes. We offer either 30 or 60 minutes’ ‘integrity only’ glass, in a variety of thicknesses to suit your exact needs.

full insulation

Should you need a more robust fire protection shield, we are happy to offer our multi-layered fire resistant glass. Due to the multiple layers and increased number of interlayers, our full insulation option can provide both integrity and full insulation for up to 120 minutes.

Help with specifying your glass
We may have exactly what you need in our standard product range, or it may be that your project will be best served by creating a single bespoke product which will solve several problems. As there are now so many possibilities for addressing other challenges when specifying fire resistant glass, we recommend talking to one of our experts before ordering, to examine the possibilities. Our team can work with you to interpret your specifications and find the right product for the job at the best price. Please feel free to contact us for a free exploratory conversation.